"I swear, if I ever get out of here, I'm giving up thieving. Really."
―Grisvar the Unlucky[src]


Grisvar the Unlucky is a Nord imprisoned in Cidhna Mine.


Grisvar is a prisoner of Cidhna Mine in Markarth who has been in and out of the prison numerous times for stealing, and is now imprisoned for life.


No One Escapes Cidhna MineEdit

After the Dragonborn speaks to Uraccen, Grisvar offers them a shiv in return for a bottle of Skooma, which can be pickpocketed from or beaten out of several others in the mine. Alternatively, the Dragonborn can persuade Duach to give them his supply of Skooma. The shiv can be used to bribe Borkul the Beast into opening the door to Madanach's cell.

After speaking to Madanach, the Dragonborn is instructed to kill Grisvar as he has outlived his usefulness to Madanach.


No One Escapes Cidhna MineEdit

How long have you been here? "First it was 6 months, then a year, then 2 years. Now I'm in for life."
What are you in for? "The first time? Thieving. The second time? Thieving. The third time? Thieving. It kind of keeps going like that."


  • "Jarl decided I was too much of a problem. Threw me in here with the Forsworn."


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