Grok is a named giant who can be found roaming the far-western part of the tundra in the Whiterun Hold, just south of Rorikstead.


A Night to RememberEdit

Unlike other stationary giants, Grok won't become hostile when approached, but no interaction with him is available. The Dragonborn is forced to kill or run from Grok to retrieve Gleda the Goat. Grok drops standard loot for a giant.

Alternatively, it is also possible for the Dragonborn to sheathe their weapon after retrieving Gleda the Goat, and Grok will become passive again; taking the Goat and leaving can be done without any complications. Alternately, he can be beaten into submission and while he is crouched down, take Gleda and get out quickly. His health can also be chipped away with arrows from a distance. A Nord may use Battle Cry to scare Gleda away and then sheath their weapons to make her friendly again. It will not make Grok hostile.


  • If spared or avoided entirely during the quest, Grok can be found roaming around the southern and eastern parts of Rorikstead.


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