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Grummites are one of the most common enemies in the Shivering Isles, akin to goblins in Cyrodiil. Despite the fact that Grummites are common, the citizens of the Shivering Isles know very little about them.

They can be found in forts, caves and in the open throughout the Isles, guarding their eggs. They also have an affinity for madness ore.


They have multiple subtypes with different strengths including Painbringer, Deathdealer, and Torturer. All Grummites can breathe water and are 50% resistant to frost and have a 25% weakness to fire.

Grummites regenerate one to two points of health per second when in water, depending on type, and an extra point per second in the rain.


  • Grummite
  • Grummite Magus

Level-based variantsEdit

  • Whelp – starting at level 1
  • Beater – starting at level 6
  • Torturer – starting at level 11
  • Painbringer – starting at level 16
  • Deathdealer – starting at level 20

The two subtypes are brought together to make a level-based subtype such as Grummite Magus Whelp.

Grummite WeaponryEdit

Most Grummites carry Grummite arms such as Grummite cudgels or Grummite daggers, however, there are also archers with Grummite bows and Grummite arrows, Magus are akin to the standard mage and use magic and even shields.

Weapon Progression
  • Crude Grummite cudgel
  • Grummite Dagger
  • Grummite cudgel – nearly equivalent to a glass mace.
  • Crude Grummite cleaver
  • Grummite cleaver

Grummites also use poisons, which may be dropped when they are killed.


Grummites do not have their own type of armor, except for Grummite shields.



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