Guar Hide Squeeze is a House Hlaalu quest open to the Nerevarine, if they joined House Hlaalu, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



As the Nerevarine has removed some of Hlaalu's competition in the Kwama Egg market, Nileno Dorvayn now tasks them with a different type of quest. The Nerevarine is told that an alchemist in Vivec by the name of Rolasa Oren could be in the market (as most alchemists would be) for guar hides. As this is an opportunity for Hlaalu to make some money from Oren, the Nerevarine is tasked with persuading Oren to purchase hides from Hlaalu.

Convincing OrenEdit

Rolasa Oren can be found in the Foreign Quarter in Vivec, behind her vendor's stall in the Upper Waistworks. Speaking to her reveals that she has been purchasing hides from House Redoran for several years (and that imported Guar hides aren't as fresh. Her head will turn, however, if the Nerevarine raises her disposition above 80 (through the use of bribes and admiration).

Once she agrees to buy Hlaalu sourced Guar hides, the Nerevarine may return to Dorvayn in Balmora to complete the quest and receive the 1,000 GoldIcon reward.


Guar Hide Squeeze
IDJournal Entry
10Nileno Dorvayn wants me to convince Rolasa Oren in Vivec's Market Canton to stop buying House Redoran guar hides.
  • Quest accepted
50I convinced Rolasa Oren to buy imported House Hlaalu guar hides instead of House Redoran guar hides.
100Nileno Dorvayn thanked me for helping House Hlaalu's guar herders.
  • Quest Complete
110I killed the alchemist Rolasa Oren, and Nileno Dorvayn was not pleased.
  • Quest Complete
 200 I told Nileno Dorvayn that Rolasa Oren was dead.
  • Quest Complete


  • If Oren is killed (or dies) during the quest the Nerevarine will not receive the House reputation boost and Dorvayn's disposition will drop by 10.

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