The Guar Trail is an unmarked location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in the West Gash region near the mining town of Gnisis. Taking the road north, a signpost displays directions to the towns of Khuul and Ald Velothi, and marks the aforementioned paths' beginning. Winding up and around the hills, it is populated by at least one non-hostile guar, along with nix-hounds, kagouti and other leveled wildlife. Several bridges, railings and animal dens dot the mountainscape, including a kagouti nest littered with bone piles and a locked chest, along with an alit lair and an unlocked chest. A small outlaw cave called Mat can be reached from here. The path ends and wraps back around near the dwemer ruins of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.


The Man Who Spoke to SlaughterfishEdit

Din, a Redguard member of the Imperial Legion, suffers from eccentric and violent outbursts after battling with a slaughterfish. The Nerevarine may choose to escort him to the near-by temple or cure him themselves.

The Lady's RingEdit

The Breton "dancer" Synette Jeline has dropped her ring in a nearby pond and may ask the Nerevarine to retrieve it for her.

The Cult of Lord IrarakEdit

The Ginith Ancestral Tomb is home to a rogue Berne vampire named Irarak worshiped by a small group of humans. He will need to be dealt with as part of a Clan Quarra quest.


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