Guard icon (Legends)
For other uses, see Guard.

Cards with the Guard keyword come into play with a golden barrier around them. Enemies in the same lane must attack and defeat all cards with Guard keyword before attacking other cards or the opponent.


Adoring Fan (Legends)
Auroran Sentry
Camlorn Sentinel
Dark Harvester
Dremora Markynaz
Dres Guard (Legends) DWD
Dres Renegade
Dwarven Spider
Elixir of the Defender
Evermore Steward
Fharun Defender
Fighters Guild Recruit (Legends)
Fortress Watchman
Golden Saint
Green Pact Stalker
Hive Defender
Indoril Archmage
Iron Atronach
Kvatch Soldier (Legends)
Legion Shield (Legends)
Lurking Mummy
Morkul Gatekeeper
Mountain Tyrant
Mournhold Guardian
Murkwater Witch
Nahagliiv (Legends)
Oldgate Warden
Riverhold Escort
Sadras Agent
Septim Guardsman
Sower of Revenge
Sparking Spider
Varanis Courier (Legends)
Vigilant Giant
Yew Shield

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Preserver of the Root
Rift Thane (Legends)
Rihad Battlemage