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Elder Scrolls

"These are the Guardian Stones, three of the thirteen ancient standing stones that dot Skyrim's landscape."

The Guardian Stones are a group of three Standing Stones which can be found along the road southwest of Riverwood.


After completing "Unbound," continue to follow either Ralof or Hadvar and they will lead the Dragonborn to Riverwood. The Stones are located southwest of Riverwood, and north-northwest of Helgen close to the river. They consist of the Warrior Stone, the Mage Stone and the Thief Stone.


Upon accepting and activating one of the Guardian Stones, Ralof or Hadvar will comment on the Dragonborn's decision:

The Mage Stone[]

  • "Mage, eh? Each to his own. It's not for me to judge." – Ralof/Hadvar

The Thief Stone[]

  • "Thief, eh? It's never too late to change your own fate, you know." – Ralof/Hadvar

The Warrior Stone[]

  • "Warrior, good! Those stars will guide you to honor and glory." – Ralof
  • "Warrior, good! I knew you shouldn't have been on that cart the minute I laid eyes on you." – Hadvar


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  •  PS3   PS4   Fast traveling to the Guardian Stones after they have been discovered can cause the game to raise the number of discovered Standing Stones by three in the "General" section of the "Stats" menu.