Guild Perks are advantages to being a member of a particular faction. Examples of these perks include being able to sleep at guild halls as well as having a higher disposition with all of the members of the guild.

General perksEdit

Members of the Mages and Fighters guilds, as well as the Arena and the Dark Brotherhood, can freely pick up many of the items in the guild halls, and either use or sell them. Mages Guild guild halls are full of alchemy ingredients, apparatus, and spell scrolls, while Fighters Guild halls with plenty of weapons (mostly iron and steel) and some armor. Most of the equipment is fairly low level, but is a good source of gold initially. This benefit can be obtained at the very lowest order of membership without doing any of the quest lines.

It is worth noting that many weapons and armor pieces that are found in the Fighters Guild halls are "replicas," meaning they are completely useless and just for display. These replicas have a value of 0 GoldIcon and have a defense or attack rating of 1 DamageIcon.

Guild-specific perksEdit

Major factionsEdit

Minor factionsEdit

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