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Guild Stores act as places for members of the same guild to trade any loot they may have gathered throughout Tamriel. Loot can also be traded between members of the same alliance who are in the same keep as you, if that particular alliance has captured the keep.

A guild store can only be opened once the guild has reached at least 50 members.

List of Guild Traders[edit | edit source]

Patch Notes v1.3.3, Guild Traders[edit | edit source]

  • Guilds can now hire merchants from The Gold Coast Trading Company in locations across Tamriel to serve as public outlets for their guild stores.
  • Guilds will participate in a blind bid that lasts one week to win the traders’ services for one full week. You can only bid on one trader at a time, and the highest bidder will be the winner.
  • Guilds can also hire a trader for a flat fee, as long as the trader is currently un-hired.
    • You can hire the trader during a bidding cycle, though you’d only be hiring him for the remaining time that’s left on the bidding cycle.
    • This hire lasts up to a week, until the end of the current bidding cycle, and is first come first served.
  • A hired trader will display the guild store of the hiring guild to all channels, including Veteran versions of the zone.
  • Guild traders can mainly be found in zone capitals, though a few can be seen selling wares throughout various overworld zones.

Approximate pricing list[edit | edit source]

Main article: Online Pricing List

The value of items changes over time as demand rises or falls, but for a rough guide on how much players should be paying for commonly-sold items, see here.

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