Captain Gulan was Prince Attrebus' right hand man. He was part of his personal bodyguard.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Umbriel Crisis[edit | edit source]

Gulan cheered Attrebus while he practiced his martial abilities with Radhasa. After the combat, Radhasa requested Attrebus to join his personal bodyguard. Attrebus agreed Radhasa's request, and Gulan provided her with the required equipment and a horse.

Attrebus was seduced by Radhasa and they had sexual relationships. Gulan didn't trust Radhasa, so he warned Attrebus to be cautious. Attrebus convinced Gulan that Radhasa was harmless, but he was glad that Gulan trusted him enough to tell him his worries. Attrebus then revealed to Gulan his plans to intercide in Arenthia, but Gulan confessed that there were rumors in the court that the Emperor wanted Attrebus to marry soon.

After meeting the Emperor, Attrebus informed Gulan that he was going to disobey his father's orders and head down to stop Umbriel. He ordered Gulan to gather all his men at his house in Ione. He gave orders to disperse the guards so that the Emperor thought that Attrebus had given them a holiday. Gulan and him got out of the city from the sewers.[2]

Attrebus, Gulan and Radhasa arrived at Ione together. After a motivational speech, all his men shouted, but Attrebus noticed they were not as exited as other times. During their journey, they were ambushed and all of Attrebus' guards died except for Radhasa, who turned out to be a traitor. She kidnapped Attrebus to sell him to a richman in Elsweyr. Gulan was killed by a spell that made some strange quills grow from his back.[3]

Colin was in charge of the investigation of the Prince's murder. He attended a meeting with Nial Sextius, Remar Vel and the Emperor to report his discoveries. Nial revealed that Gulan had always informed the Emperor every time the Prince wanted to be the hero in the wrong place. This time he had gone to the minister's office to inform Letine Arese instead.[4][1] Arese later admitted to Colin that it was impossible at the time to warn the Emperor about his son's plan without revealing herself to Hierem.[5]

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