Gularzob is an Orsimer who lives in the Orc stronghold of Largashbur.


Despite the problems the tribe is having, Gularzob is loyal to Chief Yamarz. When asked, he will state that be believes that Yamarz will guide them through the "dark times."


The Cursed TribeEdit

After the death of Chief Yamarz, Gularzob becomes the chief of Largashbur. He is confused as to why he has been made Chieftain of Largashbur, and acknowledges that just because Malacath chose him to be Chief, he is still not fully ready to take on the role.


  • When the Dragonborn visits his stronghold for the first time, a giant will be attacking several of the Orcs inside. On rare occurrences, Gularzob may be outside fighting the giant.
  • Upon returning to complete "The Cursed Tribe," it is possible that a giant may be attacking the stronghold and that it will also kill Gularzob. Malacath will still name him as chief even if he is dead.
  • After completing the quest, "The Cursed Tribe," the giant may respawn and attack the stronghold again. Gularzob is a target of this possible glitch and can sometimes be seen dead beside a horse (also dead) with a respawned giant nearby.
  • Following The Cursed Tribe, if a giant respawns and kills Gularzob, a few days will pass and a courier will deliver an inheritance of 100 GoldIcon.
  • He wears Stormcloak Officer Bracers even though he doesn't appear to be affiliated with the Stormcloaks.


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