"What's this about? If you aren't here to use the baths, it must be about my tonics. Well, I can assure you. My tonics are guaranteed to cure whatever ails you. It just takes time...and...and multiple applications!"

Gulug is an Orsimer residing in the city of Orsinium.


Invitation to OrsiniumEdit

During the quest, the Vestige is tasked by Chief Bazrag to find the one who cooperated with the Winterborn Clan. Gurug is the supposed traitor.

The King's GambitEdit



Invitation to Orsinium

"What's this about? If you aren't here to use the bath's, it must be about my tonics. Well, I can assure you. My tonics are guaranteerd to cure whatever ails you. It just takes time... and... and multiple applications!"

Tell me about the deal you made with the Winterborn. "What? I... I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm a loyal subject of the king! I... I don't have anything to do with any damn Winterborn!"
This letter to Ufron Ice-Heart says otherwise. "No... I... I can explain. The people of this city... I made a deal for them. Gold from the Winterborn allow me to produce my tonics at the fraction of the cost. I'm doing this for the people!"
So the clan Orcs starve? "The outlying clans... they're enemies of this city and our king. Their chiefs refuse to accept the king's rule. They'd rather stay stuck in their old ways and traditions. Meanwhile, the poor of this city can't afford medicine. I'm saving lives!"
The information you passed on cost lives and gave the Winterborn supplies. "A small price to pay for a larger gain. I've been loyal to this city since before you outsiders started arriving. You have no right to judge me!"
Just tell me where the Winterborn took the stolen supplies. "Fine. What's the use. See what happens when you just try to help? The supplies were sent to Frostbreak Fortress. That's where the Winterborn warlord, Urfon Ice-Heart, plans to regroup his forces. I'm sure he's guarding the supplies personally."
I'll tell the Guard about this. Don't try to leave the city. "Do what you will. My tonics are out in the city now, getting to the people who need them. Sure, I won't be able to enjoy the rest of my gold, but I accomplished what I set out to do."
If you are truly doing this to help the city, I won't report you to the guard. "Ah, it's good to meet like-minded individuals! You have my thanks. The poor of this city can take comfort in knowing they can afford the tonics they need. I'll find a way to repay you, don't you worry about that!"


  • "Who might you be? Go find another bathhouse. I hired this one for the entire day."―Upon entering the bathhouse
  • "What? I paid for the bath. Might as well enjoy it for as long as I can. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to soak."―After confrontation, if spoken to again


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