"Gunder took me in when I was but a teen, and I've lived there ever since. We've... shared a bed... but were never married."

Gunder quote

Gunder is a Nord and the proprietor of the Colovian Traders in Skingrad.


Gunder buys and sells most anything possible, and is well respected in town. When asked what he thinks of Skingrad, he will talk about how the people are "quiet by Skyrim standards" but good people.

He employs a Nord woman by the name of Eyja, who cleans and maintains the store. Talking to her will reveal that the two have slept together but are not a couple. She will also state that while he has never been mean to her, he has also never been concerned for her and treats her "like a part of the store." She can be hired away if Rosethorn Hall is purchased.


Buying a house in SkingradEdit

After buying Rosethorn Hall, Gunder will sell furniture to the Hero.


"Welcome to Colovian Traders. Skingrad's finest selection of general merchandise. I'm Gunder. Just let me know what you want."
Skingrad "I like Skingrad just fine. Folks are a little quiet by Skyrim standards, but they're friendly and loyal when they get to know you."


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