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"The Hound. He has gone too far! If what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!"

Gwaering is a Bosmer located in Silvenar. Gwaering is the successor of her aunt Finoriell as The Green Lady. She ends up marrying the new Silvenar, Indaenir.


Natural of Deepwoods, a region of Malabal Tor, Gwearing has always been known as a brave and strong Bosmer. She has always been a long-time companion of Ulthorn, a childhood friend, hunting companion and her romantic interest. One of her most prominent deeds was to save him from senche-tigers in an area where they used to play when children.[1]

Gwaering was also known as a very skilled archer. One of her most famous mythos depicts an archery training with Ulthorn and her sister Lanwaen, was when Gwaering shot an arrow that split Ulthorn's in two, just like the next one. It is said that she never missed a shot.[1]

Unfortunately for Ulthorn's plans, the courage, strength and skills of Gwearing led to her indication as The Green Lady by Y'ffre herself, when her aunt, Finoriell, died following her Silvenar's death.[1]

Gwearing saw herself obligated to end her relationship with Ulthorn, since her natural mate would be The Silvenar, soon to be chosen as Indaenir. She finally cut all binds with him. Ulthorn, unhappy that destiny would not keep them together, then attempted to change this and made a pact with the Daedric Prince Hircine.[2]

However, unknown to her, that was not the last time she would see her former lover, as he would torment and threaten her, Indaenir's, and even the whole Bosmer races' life in order to obsessively change their destiny.[2]


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