Gweden Farm is a small farm located southeast of the city of Anvil. It is home to Faustina Cartia, Signy Home-Wrecker, and Tsarrina. The farm plays an important role in the quest "The Siren's Deception." The farm is locked and can not be entered unless the player is at the proper point in the aforementioned quest.

Notable itemsEdit

In the basement lies all the items belonging to people the gang have tricked:

There is no way to return these to their owners.

Ernest's Best Shirt; Ernest's Fancy Pants; Ernest's Shoes

Heinrich's Pants; Heinrich's Shirt; Heinrich's Shoes; Oaken-Hall Heirloom

Astia's Necklace; Pinarus' Iron Cuirass; Pinarus' Prize Minotaur Horn; Pinarus' Shirt


  • Main Room - In the main room there are a series of beds and usual loot.
  • Basement - The basement is locked and requires a key. Inside is stolen goods from the gang's antics.


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