"Outsider! Kill!"
―Hackdirt Brethren[src]

The Hackdirt Brethren are men living in the cave system beneath Hackdirt. These men were probably the men living in Hackdirt before the Imperial Legion came and burned the village down.

They are armed with clubs and are more than eager to find a poor victim to slay. It is said that the Brethren live in the caves to be closer to their gods, the Deep Ones.


  • All the Brethren carry a key which leads down to the caves. In every house in Hackdirt is a trapdoor which leads down to the system.
  • Some of the Brethren carry Nightshade or Bonemeal.
  • Occasionally, jewelry, such as necklaces and rings, can be found on Brethren.
  • Sometimes, normal clothing is worn by the brethren.


  • If the Hero sleeps in Moslin's Inn for a long enough period of time, they will be awakened from their sleep and attacked by a Hackdirt Brethren.
  • If the Hero is unlucky, the Brethren will climb up a trapdoor in one of the houses and chase them away from the village. If they don't kill them, they'll keep chasing them farther away, even to other regions.
  • There are a lot of bones lying in the cell down in the cave, which probably means Dar-Ma is not the first to fall victim for the Brethren.
  • The Brethren are made to resemble the people of Innsmouth from the H.P. Lovecraft story The Shadow Over Innsmouth. This is a tie in to the Oblivion quest "A Shadow over Hackdirt."


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