"Later that season, Pelinal slew Hadhuul on the granite steps of Ceya-Tar."
―The Song of Pelinal[src]

Hadhuul, colloquially referred to as the Fire King,[1][2] was the Ayleid King of the city of Ceyatatar in Cyrodiil.[1] His ghost can be encountered by the Vestige.[2]


Hadhuul was an Ayleid king during the early First Era. His spearmen were never defeated in their history, until the Battle of Ceyatatar, where they suffered their first defeat at the hands of Pelinal Whitestrake and the Imperial slaves who were rebelling against the rule of the Ayleids. Hadhuul was killed by Whitestrake during the battle in 1E 242.[1] His ghost, however, still remains haunting the ruins in 2E 582.[2]



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