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"This Hagraven was horrifying, almost human but more an abomination of woman and creature [crow] fused together, nothing more than a husk of humanity surrendered in exchange for possession of the powers of dark magic."

Hagravens are aggressive humanoid creatures with bird-like features found across Skyrim. Coming in contact with one can cause brain rot, a disease that lowers the victim's magicka.


According to legend, they were apparently once witches but exchanged their humanity for the ability to become hagravens.[1] They bear a vitriolic hatred against nature, and hunt down spriggans to capture and sacrifice. The Forsworn revere them greatly,[2] and it is noted that the hagravens were in the Reach since "the beginning."[3][4] Once, they served as mercenaries alongside Bjoulsae horsemen, during the battle of Ain-Kolur.[5]


Hagravens are hideous, avian-like, female humanoids with scraggly gray hair, pale skin, hooked noses and solid black eyes. Their limbs are long and bony, and their hands and feet each have four digits ending in sharp talons. They dress in tattered black garments and have black raven feathers bound to their shins and forearms.


In exchange for their sacrificed humanity, hagravens gain enhanced magical powers that trump most other witches and warlocks. In addition to 10% resistance to spells, hagravens can cast powerful spells such as Fireball and Ice Spike. They prefer to keep their distance, lobbing spells at any would-be attackers. Even in melee combat, they are a force to be reckoned with, employing a claw attack, potentially infecting enemies with brain rot. They can also cast healing spells on themselves when damaged or fleeing.



  • Named hagravens usually have Breton names due to their association with the Forsworn, the indigenous Bretons of the Reach.
  • The witch Silvia, who was a member of the Darklight Tower Coven, was once aspiring to become a hagraven, and the quest "Repentance" seems to shed light on the ritual undertaken to become a hagraven. It would appear that a human sacrifice is necessary, as well as soul gems and the corpse of a skeever.[1]
  • Although hagravens are known for using human corpses as sacrifices and potion ingredients, they also seem to eat humans, as suggested by Melka's dialogue: she continually refers to the Dragonborn as "Meat," "Morsel," and "Nibble," and states that she likes to collect "shiny eyeballs" for stewing. This is similar to ravens in real life, who, in addition to eating carrion, are also known for eating the eyeballs of dead animals first.
  • Due to a hagraven's bird-like feet, they cannot run very fast. It is also fairly easy to evade their melee attacks in close combat because of their lack of attack speed and accuracy.
  • Hagravens can be heard from a distance by their heavy, rasping breathing and the loud shuffling sound of their footsteps.
  • Despite having wings, they are flightless avians and thus take falling damage when pushed off cliffs, bridges and other surfaces with the Unrelenting Force shout.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   Hagraven bodies may sometimes spawn when having exited a location into Skyrim or arriving after fast traveling.
  • If killed with Soul Tear, it may just disappear.
  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes, after a hagraven is killed they will stand up with their arms and legs spread apart, but remain dead.
  •  PS4   - if you enter the quest location before acceping the quest and kill petra, trying the quest with melka will bug it and keep stuck melka in the room before seeing petra, not engagin in dialogue, but if you kill melka, will contain the quest item reward, but the mission will keep appearing incomplete, even if you have killed both of the hagraven




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