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Pickings have been good these past few weeks. Must be because of the war - lots of merchants and cowards looking for somewhere to curl up and hide from all the fighting. I've told the men to ease the burden on these poor souls by relieving them of all that gold they're carrying.

Guard patrols along the road are way up - we can barely set foot outside. Travelers must have complained to the Jarl. It looks like the guard isn't ready to move against us yet, but the pressure is getting to the men. I'm having Ra'jirr keep watch with Ulfr now - that should shut them up about our security. Damn that Balgruuf!

A mutiny! Among my men! I can hardly believe it. Thank the gods Ulfr heard of it in time - he may be blind but he's not deaf. I killed Anjor myself. A couple of the others ran for it, but we hunted them down quick enough. Only Eisa and Ra'jirr got away. Good riddance.

There's rumor of a dragon attack on Helgen. A dragon! Hardly. More likely just a story made up by some idiot frightened out of his wits by the war.

In any case, the guard seems to have pulled back to the city, so we've been able to run a few decent raids again. One of the merchants had some odd cargo... bunch of pelts and animals, including a wolf. I let the men roast the other animals, but the wolf I saved - be handy to have a guard dog like that, if we could just train him a little...


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