Not to be confused with Haakon or Hakon One-Eye.

Hakan was a Redguard Forebear who married Cyrus' sister, Iszara.


Hakan and Iszara met in 2E 852 at a comedic theatre play in Sentinel. They then married that same year. Hakan and Cyrus became good friend, Cyrus looking up to him as somewhat of an older brother. Hakan often spoke to him of the political conflicts, influencing the young Cyrus. At some point Cyrus spoke to his father about this. His father, a loyal Crown, had a grudge against Hakan.

Izsara told Cyrus that Hakan was a wonderful husband, but at times he was often away busy with political matters or training with the Forebears. Cyrus had decided to write a play about the ancient Ra Gada arriving from Yokuda driving away the Orcs from Hammerfell to make way for the High King.

This play had angered Hakan. After the play, the Crowns and Forebears attended a celebration party in equal numbers at a local tavern. In his drunken state Hakan called out the young Cyrus and pulled out his sword. Iszara pleaded the drunken Hakan to stop what he was doing, in his response he struck her with his hand. The young Cyrus and Hakan had then fought. Cyrus was victorious and killed Hakan in 2E 854.

Ashamed and now an enemy of the Forebears, Cyrus ran away from Sentinel, an event that changed his life and reputation.[1]




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