Hakkvild Yashnag-Slayer was the Jarl of Falkreath during the Interregnum and before the Alliance War that started in 2E 582. Hakkvild was the son of the previous Jarl, who was killed by Yashnag gro-Yazgu, the Orcish Chieftain of his own Orcish Kingdom of Falkreath. Yashnag ruled Western Falkreath with his band of Orcs and terrorized the rest of Falkreath. Hakkvild challenged Yashnag to a duel, resulting in Yashnag's death and the end of the chiefdom. The Orcs scattered into Wrothgar and eventually created the second iteration of Orsinium. Hakkvild would rule the city of Falkreath until he passed away and his child assumed the throne.[1]

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