"I've tried hitting against a stump with my tent but... iron needs iron, if you want it shaped right."
―Halbarn Iron-Fur[src]

Halbarn Iron-Fur is a Nord living on Solstheim.


He was the blacksmith of Thirsk Mead Hall before the rieklings attacked. While in the camp, he states that he is worried about his forge, and wonders what the rieklings are doing with it. After his quest is complete, he becomes a regular weapons and armor merchant.


Retaking ThirskEdit

Help retake Thirsk from the rieklings.

The Chief of Thirsk HallEdit

Kill him and his allies for the rieklings.

Halbarn's SuppliesEdit

Halbarn asks the Dragonborn to collect ten stalhrim and fifteen ebony ingots to go back into business. After completing the quest, Halbarn becomes a candidate for marriage.


Retaking Thirsk (Bujold remains chieftain)Edit

"You have no idea how good it is to be back here. Thanks for your help, friend."

You were able to get the forge working again? "Those things had filled it up with slop for their beasts. Elmus helped me wash it out, but the fire still smells terrible. It's not as good as it used to be, but I still am, at least."
Where do you get your raw materials? "I have friends in Raven Rock, and a few among the Skaal. There's not much metal on the island itself, but we can find what we need, when we need it."

Halbarn's SuppliesEdit

Are you getting back to work? "Cleaning out the forge was the easy part. But those blasted rieklings made off with most of my materials. And I can't forge air. You tend to wander around, don't you? If you come across any stalhrim or ebony in your travels, bring them back to old Halbarn. Help each other out."

(After obtaining the materials)
I've brought the materials you wanted. (Give stalhrim and ebony.) "Just in time, too. Kuvar was starting to give me some grief about his new armor. This will do the trick nicely. You come back if you ever want some fancier armor yourself, now."

Retaking Thirsk (Bujold gets banished)Edit

"Finally, I can get some sleep at night."

How do you feel about Bujold? "In the end, she was one of the better leaders we've had, but if she didn't deserve it anymore, I guess that's that. It's too dangerous here. We can't waste time worrying about having a liar in our midsts. Lying is the first step to cowardice, after all. I hope she finds what she needs out there."


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