Haldoril is an Altmer who can be seen following Inspector Tarma, taking studious notes. He can be found at the Laughing Moons Plantation during and after the quest "A Pinch of Sugar."


Headwoman Harrani has required that all plantations be inspected in order to stop smuggling and the skooma trade.[1][2] Haldoril, along with Inspector Tarma, are assigned to do so and head to Laughing Moon Plantation.


A Pinch of SugarEdit

He is with Inspector Tarma when they are surveying the plantation. He has no dialogue during the quest.


After "A Pinch of Sugar"

Inspector Tarma: "There's no question, Juranda-ra. Your Specialist certainly showed the vermin their place."
Juranda-ra: "Of Course, Inspector. We could expect nothing less of specialists!"
Inspector Tarma: Haldoril, make a note. 'Unorthodox methods, but vermin-free.'
Haldoril: "Sir."



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