Hale is small settlement in northwestern Mania and is inhabited by four people, most of whom see themselves as an artist and use the surrounding areas as inspiration.

The Knight of the ThornEdit

One of the residents, Pyke, is a Knight of the Thorn from Cheydinhal. He left his comrades when he heard about the portal opening that leads to the Shivering Isles, believing it was a threat and needed to be stopped. Once he entered he wound up in Mania. While passing Fetid Grove he was attacked by Grummites who took his medallion. He ended up in Hale where he soon fell in love with Zoe Malene.

He is looking for help getting back his amulet as a keep sake. He has no desire to leave and the amulet is the only part of his past he wants.


To Help A HeroEdit

Pyke is a former Knight of the Thorn. He lost his Medallion shortly after entering the Isles. Although he says he has no wish to return home or remain a knight, he still wants the help to retrieve his medallion.


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