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Half-Moon Mill is a lumber mill in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located north of Falkreath, on the west end of Lake Ilinalta.


There are two main buildings: the Half-Moon Mill house and a sawmill where the Dragonborn can saw lumber. Near the sawmill is a small butcher's shack filled with meat. The river and Lake Ilinalta are filled with salmon. There are also eggs in the chicken coop, and the Wood Chopping Block has a Woodcutter's Axe nearby.


Two vampires named Hert and Hern reside here. According to Hert, the Half-Moon Mill supplies Falkreath and used to supply Helgen with lumber and firewood. Various evidence about the location, such as the human bones among the animal meat in the shed, suggest that Hern and Hert feed upon unsuspecting visitors. Their various comments about guests also ring a bit suspicious.


In spite of their somewhat eerie comments about guests, and the fact that Hern and Hert apparently prey upon unsuspecting visitors, if encountered in normal circumstances (i.e. apart from the quest to kill Hern) they will not turn on or attack the Dragonborn, even if the player chooses to "stay the night." Indeed, Hert will buy any firewood the Dragonborn may have, and if the Dragonborn sells any firewood to her the entire site will become friendly such that most items in the house can even be picked up without stealing and the bed can be slept in. If Hearthfire is installed, Hert will sell sawn logs. However, these characters naturally turn hostile during the Dark Brotherhood contract quest.


Contract: Kill Hern[]

The Dragonborn is sent here in order to kill the vampire, Hern.

Notable items[]




  • Ants can be found on a stump along the road to the mill.
  • There is an iron ore vein nearby.
  • There is a source of quarried stone behind the uncut log pile.
  • A look in the meat house reveals bloody clothes, human bones, and a human skull, slightly hidden, as well as a troll skull sitting near the entryway, next to some hay.
  • There is a dead rabbit on one of the tree stumps close to the house, along with a fork and a bottle of mead, implying that one of the vampires was eating it raw.
  • Although Hert and Hern are lumberjacks and are vampires, they appear to have had trouble with their occupation, as evidenced by several wood logs left in the river near their mill.


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  •  360   PS3   PS4   If Hern and Hert are dead, the marker for purchasing sawn logs for Lakeview Manor will still point towards the mill, even though no one is there to sell them. HF
    • Fix: If the Dragonborn buys logs from another mill, the quest marker will disappear.