The Hall of the Vigilant is a small dwelling that is the headquarters for the Vigilants of Stendarr in Skyrim.


This isolated building is located south of Red Road Pass which is south of Dawnstar. It serves as a home for the Vigilants of Stendarr and their leader, Keeper Carcette. It is also not far from Dimhollow Crypt, which is up a small pathway to the east. Inside, the Hall looks like a cross between an inn and a small place of worship. 


The occupants of the hall are wiped out by vampires before the initiation of the Dawnguard quest, Dawnguard. The Hall itself is partially destroyed and is littered with the corpses of Vigilants of Stendarr. However, it appears that the Vigilants gave as good as they got, as three Death Hounds, and Volkihar vampires lie scattered both inside and outside the ruined Hall. Keeper Carcette is reported killed in the assault, but there is no sign of her body anywhere in the ruins.

Notable loot




  • There are many corpses after the hall's destruction that may be used for werewolf skill tree progression.
  • If Unrelenting Force is used inside the building, the Dragonborn may later receive a, "Letter from a Friend", stating that they caused quite the impression in the hall. It will give a map location for another word wall.
  • There is a path to the east leading up to Dimhollow Crypt.
  • The basement of the Hall disappears with the installation of the Dawnguard DLC. 
  • Curiously, it is possible for Meridia's Beacon to appear in the chest found in the lower room of the hall.
  • If Dawnguard has been installed, the slain vampires will retain their voice clips if they are re-animated.
  • If done early enough in the game, even when Dawnguard is installed, it's possible to still visit the Hall of the Vigilant before it is destroyed and interact with any Vigilants there, including visiting the basement. Curiously, the basement shares an identical appearance with Delphine's hidden area in the Riverwood inn- all the spell components, crafting tables and such are in the same places, but it counts as stealing if anything is taken.


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  • Loading a save made in the cellar of the hall after installing Dawnguard will corrupt that save and/or cause severe errors due to the area being broken by the DLC. It will be inaccessible/unexitable after the DLC is installed.


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