Halldir's Cairn is a cave and the final resting place of the famous drummer Halldir. It is found southwest of Falkreath.


Just inside the entrance of the cave is a column of blue light and three dead bodies around it—they are Agrius, Raen and Vidgrod. On a pedestal near the column is Agrius's Journal, detailing a ghostly voice that compelled the bandits to kill themselves on a blood-soaked rock cairn.


Find Runil's Journal

Runil asks to find his journal, which may be here as a possible location for Runil's Journal.

Find Rjorn's Drum

Giraud Gemane of the Bards College tasks the Dragonborn with finding Rjorn's Drum, which is found inside the chest in the final room, where Halldir is found.

To open the door in Halldirs Cairn one can pull a lever behind the throne.

Ancient Power DG

Feran Sadri tasks the Dragonborn with finding the ancient remains of an elder vampire. The Cairn is one of the possible locations for the body parts. It is inside the chest in the final room, where Halldir is found.

Trouble in Skyrim

Farkas sends the Dragonborn to kill the leader at Halldir's Cairn.

Amulets of Night Power DG

Feran Sadri sends the Dragonborn here as a possible location to find an Amulet of Night Power, which has fallen into the hands of a less-favorable owner.

Notable items

Alchemy Ingredients

Mostly mushrooms, mostly in the first room. Approximate numbers:



  •  360  The pillar puzzle may not turn properly when activated, to fix this reload the cave.
  •  360   As this dungeon can be entered several times for different quests, sometimes the object of the venture cannot be obtained, and the quest cannot be finished. For example, if Rjorn's Drum is picked up the first time in the cairn without having activated that quest, the quest to find it can not be completed. Or, if entered after the first time to kill the leader, (Companion's repeatable quest), killing the Dragon Priest that spawns instead of Halldir does not complete the quest.
  •  PC   360   PS3   Halldir may spawn completely invisible for no apparent reason, along with his copies.
  •  PC   360   PS3   As you kill each of the copies, you may sometimes loot his body before all the energies flow away. This allows you to loot him a total of four times.


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