Halldir's Cairn is a cave players are sent to during the quest, "Find Runils Journal".

There is a puzzle room at one point, where players must turn three rocks to match the symbols on the walls opposite them, and then pull a lever to advance to the next room. Incorrect combinations result in a dart trap shooting darts at the player when the lever is pulled.

The correct combination is bird, snake, fish, when going clockwise around the puzzle, starting from the lever.

The final room is a fight against Halldir. He is a mage, who will summon copies of himself when damaged. They, and he, will attack with destruction school spells. The door to the room locks behind the player when the fight begins.

Notable loot includes a Spell Tome of Raise Undead, and numberous soul gems.



  • Spell Tome of Raise Undead
  • Soul Gems



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