Hallin's Burden is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is centered around the Seventh Legion's occupation of Hallin's Stand.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. After entering the city, talk to Ayma
  2. Meet the people in resistance against the occupation in The Sublime Elixir
  3. Steal arms from the Imperial warehouse
  4. Find the stablehand and provide the weapons
  5. Identify supporters in the town square and speak to the beggar
  6. Talk to Yarah


Upon entering the city of Hallin's Stand, the Vestige discovers it is occupied by the Seventh Legion. Ayma, one of the people in resistance, asks the Vestige to visit The Sublime Elixer and talk to Othulg.

Othulg will direct the Vestige to Yarah, who will initially be suspicious of the Vestige. As such, she makes clear that if the Vestige steals the Seventh Legions' arms, she could trust them. Upon doing so, the Vestige has to travel to Haytham, the stablemaster in Hallin's Stand, who will inform them to bring the weapons to a contact, who can be located near the town square.

At the town square, approaching the peasant working a rake will start the following conversation:

"What do you want from me? I have nothing more. Nothing! No home, no gamily. No future ...."

Have you seen a cat with red fur? "Red fur, you say? Yes, running across the rooftops in the sunset. A hunter and protector, long missing from home. Have you heard tidings of our lost friend? Or do you bring something in its stead?"
I bring you this. "I will guard this with my life, though I wish our mutual friend would return. This will prove quite useful in his absence, You've risked much to help us. Thank you."

After providing the weapons to the peasant, a beggar will tell the Vestige to come, and follow him. After which a conversation takes place and the Vestige is tasked with delivering a message to Yarah.

Upon returning to Yarah and giving her the message, Yarah rewards the Vestige, and the quest is completed.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon

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