Hame is a three-level Ayleid Ruin. It is located in the far east of the Valus Mountains, southeast from Boethia's Shrine and due east from Fort Facian.


  • Hame
  • Hame Wendesel
  • Hame Silasel / Shining Hall


In the first level are a few medium rooms with false floor traps, a necromancer's sleeping area and a locked area. The key to open this door can be found on a table in the last secret room in Hame Silasel.

This key is also needed to get through a locked door in the same room, as when one enter this part, the gate shuts behind and one can not open it from this side.

Throughout the ruin are Ayleid chests with minor loot, some are leveled.

Notable itemsEdit


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