"With its High King dead, Hammerfell is crippled. Plunging into a bloody civil war between the Crowns, fighting for their homeland's continued sovereignity, and the Forebears, who have finally accepted the Emperor's rule."
―Intro of The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard[src]

The Hammerfell Civil War was a war between the Crowns and the Forebears. The Crowns wanted Hammerfell to remain sovereign, while the Forebears had accepted Tiber Septim's rule.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

The civil war erupted when the High King, Thassad II, died from natural causes.[6] Following his death, the Forebears took over Sentinel in a massacre of the Crowns,[3] which resulted in Crown prince A'Tor sailing to mainland Hammerfell from Stros M'kai.[4] When he arrived at Sentinel one of the bloodiest massacres in Tamrielic history took place.[4] Following this, the Crowns were starting to win the war, pushing the Forebears back across Hammerfell's sands.[6] However, the Forebears saw that defeat would come without outside intervention, so they made a pact with the Emperor allowing his Legions in, crush the Crowns and claim parts of Hammerfell as his own.[4][6] The Imperial Legions proved too strong for the proud Redguard crowns. The final battle was at Stros M'Kai, where the New West Navy fought against the Crown Navy of A'Tor.[6] Knowing that Hammerfell's independence is at stake, the Crown forces match the might of the Empire. When Dram shot the Price and Nafalilargus burned down the Crown forces, the Civil War was over.[6][4] However, when Baron Volag disappeared, the terms between the Forebears and the Empire were changed.[3] Instead of assisting the Forebears, the Imperial Legions invaded Hammerfell, set up garrisons and appointed governors to rule over the cities of Hammerfell, making Hammerfell subject to the Empire.[3]

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