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The Hand-to-Hand skill determines how effectively the Nerevarine can fight with their fists. However, unarmed combat only damages fatigue until it is completely drained. At this point, the target has a chance of falling over, and damage can only be dealt when the target is down. Its effectiveness is based on the Nerevarine's level of skill, instead of the weapon equipped. It is also affected by the Strength attribute, even though it is governed by Speed.

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Skill booksEdit

The following Skills Books raise the Hand-to-Hand skill by one point



  • Opponents will be knocked down for longer if they are hit in the back.
  • Hand-to-Hand will deal health damage if the foe is paralyzed. 
  • Hand-to-Hand can damage enemies that are immune to normal weapons, such as certain types of undead and werewolves.


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