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Handedness refers to whether a weapon is one-handed or two-handed in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


One-handed weapons are held in a single hand, in contrast to two-handed weapons. They generally do less damage, have lower reach and higher attack speed than their two-handed counterparts, but they allow for the use of a shield or torch in the other hand. Note that while a torch can be equipped with a two-handed weapon, the player only benefits from its effects while the weapon is not drawn.

As a side note, it seems that everyone in Cyrodiil is right-handed, including the player.

One-handed weaponsEdit


Two-handed weapons require the use of both hands to wield, making the use of secondary items such as a shield or torch impossible while the weapon is equipped and drawn. Two-handed weapons generally do more damage and have a longer reach, but they also have a lower attack speed.

Two-handed weaponsEdit


Main article: Shields (Oblivion)

Although not technically weapons, shields are wielded in the left hand. Wearing a shield prevents the player from using two-handed weapons. However, the enchantments of a shield can still be "worn" while wielding a two-handed weapon, but the armor rating does not apply.

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