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Hannat Zainsubani is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It involves rescuing the Dunmer Hannat Zainsubani from within Mamaea.


The retired trader and former Ashlander Hassour Zainsubani misses his son Hannat Zainsubani who travels the lands to seek out sources of fine ebony for the family business. Hassour knows that Hannat had planned to visit the ancient underground complex at Mamaea. He wonders about his son-and-heir's fate, and asks the Nerevarine to send Hannat back to him if they should happen to meet.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Accept the quest from Hassour Zainsubani.
  • Head to Mamaea and free Hannat Zainsubani.
  • Escort Hannat out of the cavern.
  • Return to Hassour Zainsubani at the Ald Skar Inn.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After accepting the quest, the Nerevarine should head to Mamaea, a cave located in the wilderness of the West Gash directly east of Dushariran. The place turns out to be under the control of House Dagoth members and infested with dreamers and Ash Creatures. Hannat is trapped by these creatures in the Sanctum of Black Hope. The Nerevarine will need to kill the creatures guarding him in order to free him.

Hannat Zainsubani claims that he has had strange dreams since entering the cave. He asks the Nerevarine to escort him out of the cavern savely. Once outside, he will thank the Nerevarine. As he carries nothing but his pants, he can't reward them, but sends them back to his father in Ald'ruhn. He tells them to use the phrase that he lives "anew beneath tomorrow's sun" to proof that the news from Hannat are genuine.

As soon as the Nerevarine arrives at the Ald Skar Inn and talks to Hassour Zainsubani about his son, he recognizes his son's message and its meaning. He thanks the Nerevarine for saving Hannat's life and rewards him not only with five pieces of valuable raw ebony, but also with his personal blade and the ring from his own finger.


Hannat Zainsubani
IDJournal Entry
1I have agreed to escort Hannat Zainsubani from the Mamaea Caverns. He says he cannot offer me a reward now, but his father, Hassour Zainsubani, in Ald'ruhn, will gift me generously if I can rescue him.
  • Quest accepted
50I have successfully escorted Hannat Zainsubani from Mamaea Caverns. 110Hannat Zainsubani died while I tried to escort him from Mamaea Caverns.
  • Quest failed
60Hannat Zainsubani thanked me, and reminded me to speak to his father, Hassour Zainsubani, at the Ald Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn, for courage and generosity must always be rewarded.
70Hassour Zainsubani was grateful for the news of his son's rescue. He rewarded me with raw ebony, and he also gave his own enchanted blade and a ring from his own finger to thank me.
  • Quest complete
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