Harakk was a longboat made for the Five Hundred Companions. It was crafted in the massive shipyards of Jylkurfyk and named after two favored stars of their heavens.

Shortly before Day of Final Passage boat was given to Ysgramor's son, Yngol. He was to command this longboat and its crew during the Return.

However, on its way from Atmora to Mereth Harakk got separated from rest of the fleet in Storm of Separation and it never reached Hsaarik Head with the rest of the Five Hundred. Ysgramor was enraged and commanded the sea-ghost to return his son. Shortly after another storm rose and Ysgramor ventured back into the sea alone to search for his son. After the storm finally calmed down Ysgramor found the wreck of Harakk, but Yngol and his crew was slain by sea-ghosts already.

Yngol and his crew were first among many, whose shields were broken during the Return. Despite the loss, the company kept its name to honor the fallen.

Harakk's captain, Yngol is buried in Yngol Barrow, which is still intact during events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



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