A plaque dedicated to Harald, in Windhelm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Harald was the first historic Nordic King. He was the first ruler to establish a centralized kingdom in Skyrim as it is known now.[1][2]

Plaque[edit | edit source]

A plaque dedicated to Harald sits on the left side of archway that leads to the Palace of the Kings. It reads:


REIGNED 1E 143221

13th in the line of Ysgramor and
founder of the great Kingdom of
Skyrim where he established fair
Windhelm as his capital.

Background[edit | edit source]

He was born in 1E 113 and rose to High King in 1E 143. After a reign of 78 years, he died in 1E 221 at the exceptional age of 108 years. He outlived all but three of his sons.[2][3][1]

He was the thirteenth of the line of Ysgramor,[2] and is remembered as being the first King to relinquish all holdings in Atmora.[2] Thus it was he that truly made the Nords a separate people, whose faces were turned firmly toward their destiny, the conquest of the vast new land of Tamriel.[2]Indeed, the history of the Nords is the history of humans in Tamriel; all the human races, with the exception of the Redguards, are descended from Nordic stock, although in some the ancient blood admittedly runs thin.[2]

Randagulf[edit | edit source]

Randagulf of the Begalin Clan, is recorded as being one of the mightiest warriors from Skyrim. He was known for his courage and ferocity in battle, and on many occasions, his participation was a major contributor to their victory. When Harald conquered Skyrim, Randagulf was defeated. So respectful of this great hero was Harald, that he took his gauntlets as his own. These gauntlets, worn by both mighty warriors, are believed to give the wearer additional strength.[4]

Snow Elves[edit | edit source]

In 1E 139 he ordered a campaign against the remaining Snow Elves in the region near Lake Honrich.[5]

Timeline conflicts[edit | edit source]

According to the plaque in Windhelm and several other sources, the rule of King Harald is recorded as starting in 1E 143 and lasting for 78 years until his death in 1E 221, however the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition: Skyrim mentions Skyrim was under his rule in 1E 113, which was also the year of his birth: "In the 113th year of the First Era, the entirety of modern Skyrim was under the reign of King Harald". This makes it unclear if Harald was crowned High King at birth in 1E 113 or if the pocket guide is simply incorrect/retconned.

References[edit | edit source]

High King of Skyrim
1E 143 - 1E 221 Hjalmer
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