Harvest Time is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online in which the Vestige must harvest the grown crops around Cropsford that have not been collected.


Produce around Cropsford is not being harvested. It's going to go bad unless something's done soon.


  1. Collect six sacks of produce
  2. Talk to Ufgra gra-Gum


Ufgra gra-Gum will provide the quest to the Vestige at the center of Cropsford as one of five possible daily quests.

You seem upset. "My assistant, Shagol, disappeared again! More than likely, he's off spying on the town's women. If you gather siz sacks of Cropsford's produce meant for sale, I'll pay you Shagol's wages. Do we have a deal?"

Sounds simple enough. "When I get my hands on that useless Shagol, I'll rip his skin off!"
Why do you really need me to gather produce? "You caught me. Sure, there's lots of folks around here who'd do it, but I like to ask newcomers to town to help out."
Why? "We're always looking for new folks to settle here. More people to share the workload means a better life for everyone. Then we've got undead in Culotte, and we nee more Goblins every year. Settlers who can handle a sword are always welcome."
Had any success? "Sure have! Both Hisham and Octavimus were just passing through. I asked them to help gather produce, they saw the town, liked it, and decided to stay. It's a win for everyone."

After six sources of produce have been collected, the Vestige should return to Ufgra who will provide a reward including Alliance Points and a reward container, at which point the quest will be complete.

"This time of year, I'm always worried about the harvest. It's a race to get the food to market before it rots."

Here's the produce I collected. "Thank you. We'll sell this food at markets in Alessia and Drakelowe. here's the pay Shagol would have received, if he wasn't so lazy. How did you like the village? Nice, huh? Think of us when it comes t time to settle down."


Journal Entry
Ufgra asked me to gather produce from around Cropsford and bring it back to her in the center of town.
  • Objective: Collect 6 Sacks of Produce
I've collected six sacks of produce for Ufgra and should return to her.
  • Objective: Talk to Ufgra
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