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"Got metal to shape."

Hathrasil is a Breton smelter.


Hathrasil will tell the Dragonborn who is in charge of the smelter. If you ask him about the Forsworn he will say not to get involved in that nonsense and he says the only thing he wants to do is work.


Found in The Warrens of Markarth or at work at the citys smelter. During the evenings he spends a portion of his wages at the Silver-Blood Inn with his friend and co-worker Omluag.

He barely speaks to the Dragonborn, and most of the time, when he does its telling them he has to get back to work.


"They don't like us talking to people when we work."

Did you know Weylin? (Only available during the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy) "Really should talk to Mulush if you have a problem with one of the workers."
Do you know anything about the Forsworn? "Don't get involved in that nonsense. Just want to work."
Who's in charge of the smelter? "Mulush. Big Orc fella. Can't miss him."


Another foul day at the smelter[]

Omluag: "Another foul day at the smelter."
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: ""Mmmhmm"? I've been working with you for over 10 years, and all you have to say is "mmmhmm"?"
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: "Sometimes I think we deserve these miserable lives of ours."

Broken arm[]

Hathrasil: "Surprised to see you working. Mulush almost broke your arm yesterday."
Omluag: "Does it look like I can afford losing a day's wage? That damn Orc isn't getting the best of me."

Too much work[]

Omluag: "Divines, I'm tired. This is too much work."
Hathrasil: "Just keep at it, or Mulush will beat you."

Molten metal[]

Hathrasil: "Careful of the molten metal. That gets on you, kiss your fingers goodbye."
Omluag: "I know what I'm doing. Stop telling me."

The Nords bring ruin[]

Omluag: "First war, and now dragons. Everywhere they go, the Nords bring nothing but ruin."
Hathrasil: "Ain't nothing for it. They're still in charge."

Weak-willed pink-skins[]

Mulush: "I could smelt metal in half the time as you weak-willed pink-skins. Do I have to do everything?"
Hathrasil: "No Mulush. I'll work harder."

Stealing silver[]

Mulush: "I don't want any of you thieving workers even thinking about stealing any silver. If I see you sneaking off with even one speck of silver, I'll break your leg and throw you into the river."
Hathrasil: "Yes, Mulush."