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"Haven lies on the southern edge of Valenwood. She seems a place of safety in an otherwise dangerous world..."
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Haven is one of the eight major cities in the province of Valenwood and is the capital of the Long Coast region of the Grahtwood region. Haven is a historically disputed settlement, having been conquered by the Imperials and the High Elves throughout the eras.

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Haven is located at the southeasternmost point of Valenwood, along the Long Coast region, the area that takes the southern portion of Grahtwood. Haven is a rather large city, occupying a significant amount of land, larger than other colonial settlements built by the High Elves. Haven is a fortress-esque city, with large gates guarding the city and barracks in the center of town. East of Haven is the large bayou of Grahtwood, housing Stranglers and Mudcrabs. Northern Haven is vastly different than the Southern portion. Phynaster's Stride is one of the largest inns in Valenwood, which makes sense, considering travelers are more likely to reach Haven from in between Southpoint, Elden Root, or even from the Padomaic Ocean. Southern Haven is the inner wall that houses the local Fighters Guild chapter and other things of that similar nature. The ports of Haven resemble the Altmeri dockyards seen in Greenwater Cove and Mathiisen.


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  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the South Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Morning Star. It is a day to pray to the Gods for a bountiful harvest, and it is for citizens who cannot afford to heal from the local temple to get healed from an ailment.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate Heart's Day on the 16th of Sun's Dawn. It is in honor of a legend passed down from generation to generation about a couple named Polydor and Eloisa. Every Inn in Tamriel become free for visitors arriving into town.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the First Planting on the 7th of First Seed. It is the day that begins the harvest, where neighbors reconcile their difference, bad habits are dropped, and the clerics heal people for free.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the Second Planting on the 7th of Second Seed. The holiday is ideally the same holiday as First Planting, to improve one’s soul, and to improve relationships with others.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the Mid Year Celebration on the 16th of Mid Year. A day to distract everyone from the increased taxes. It is a day celebrating the halfway mark in the year, where many warriors feel blessed and venture to dungeons they normally cannot defeat.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate Sun's Rest on the 20th of Sun's Height. It is a day when the workers of Tamriel take a day to relax, businesses across town are closed in observance of this day. Some people have to have to leave the province to actually buy something.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate Harvest's End on the 27th of Last Seed. It is the final day of the harvest, and it is where the people eat the crops they have grown since the First Planting. Travelers are given the option to join a farmer’s family for a feast.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate Tales and Tallows on the 3rd of Hearthfire. It is the day of superstition where the elderly do not speak for an entire day, in fear of evil spirits entering their body. The Mages of Tamriel favor this day since it is a day to study the oldest forms of magic.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the Witches' Festival on the 13th of Frostfall. A day where the creepy ghouls and creatures of the night gather to terrorize the denizens of Tamriel. Many have not dared to wander the streets at night, in fear of being nabbed by a creature.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the Warriors Festival on the 20th of Sun's Dusk. It is a day where many warriors gather to practice their fighting prowess. Travelers by weapons in stores since their price's drop by half. Young children foolishly buy weapons, only to stab themselves by mistake.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the North Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Evening Star. It serves as a thanksgiving to the Gods for the year's harvest. It is a day when the local temples heal and bless anyone for a lower price.[2]
  • The Wood Elves of Haven celebrate the Old Life Festival on the 31st of Evening Star. It is a day of rest, where many leave the events of the passing year behind and to reflect their past. They rest for the New Life Festival.[2]
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First EraEdit

Foundation of White-Gold; the Maormer ConquestEdit

The White-Gold Tower was essential during the times of the Ayleid, who resided in the modern-day province of Cyrodiil. The White-Gold Tower established an increase in trade for various Ayleid settlements throughout the southern provinces. These settlements include Haven, Ceyatatar, Ancient Bravil, and Silvenar all benefitted from the White-Gold's mass popularity. The Ayleid population began to expand into Valenwood and settled in the modern-day city-state of Elden Root, where they created libraries with the knowledge that lasted for years and universities to teach the next generation the ways of life. All of this would come to an end when the Maormer of Pyandonea set foot on Valenwood and sacked several settlements, including Haven and Woodhearth. Elden Root was ultimately besieged, leaving this civilization in the dirt.[4]

The Treethane's Independence; the Alessian InterventionEdit

In 1E 2714, the province of Valenwood fell under the Alessian Empire after the constant warring between the Colovian Estates of the West and the denizens of Valenwood. Even when Empress Hestra improved relations with the Colovians, the war continued to ravage the Weald, and ultimately, Valenwood was given to the Alessians. Fearing that the Bosmeri-folk would not unite against their empire, the Alessian Empire granted independence to the Treethanes of Valenwood. The settlements include, but are not limited to, Haven, Elden Root, and Archen became full-fledged city-states and very successful trading posts between the Colovian West and the Padomaic Ocean. Haven, was one such trading post that had an advantage, for being located near several notable cities such as Elden Root and Torval.[5]

Second EraEdit

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Prelude to the Massacre of CormountEdit

With the establishment of the First Aldmeri Dominion in 2E 580, the city of Haven was under the dominion of Queen Ayrenn, who hailed from the Summerset Isles and the city of Alinor. One of the Dominion's greatest militias, the Jade Dragoons were stationed in the city-state of Haven, will Ayrenn was meeting with King Camoran Aeradan. For unknown reasons, the leader of the Dragoons, General Endare and the Dragoons themselves left Haven for the northernmost township of Cormount, located on the other side of Grahtwood. What followed would be one of the bloodiest events in the history of Valenwood. Endare's forces arrived into Cormount and slaughtered the denizens without rhyme or reason. No one was spared, men, women, and even children were murdered by the Jade Butcher and her warriors. Not only did they attack the citizens of Cormount, but poisoned the Green they had overly worshipped. The Massacre caused the ties between the Dominion and Valenwood to wither and the establishment of the Blacksap Rebellion, created by the Camorans of Cormount.[6][7][UL 1]

The Jackdaw's Uprising; the Battle of HavenEdit

During the Alliance War in 2E 582, the city of Haven was taken by a group known as the Jackdaw Pirates. When Endare vanished from Haven, it left the city-state abandoned and defenseless, perfect for the Jackdaw Pirates to take the city. Coincidentally, Lord Gharesh-ri, the Speaker of the Mane had traveled to Haven to prepare his students for their final piece of training, only to find the port town invaded by pirates. The warrior named the Vestige had also arrived in Haven and both they and Gharesh-ri led the assault to retake Haven. The Vestige traversed the cityscape and learned the pirates planned a ritual in the Fighters Guild stronghold on Haven. By infiltrating the Aquifer sewers below Haven, the Vestige was able to interrupt the ceremony, killing the three captains one by one. The Dominion had secured Haven, the people soon returned, and business was booming once again.[8]

Third EraEdit

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Haven during the Imperial SimulacrumEdit

During the Imperial Simulacrum from 3E 389 to 3E 399, Emperor Uriel Septim VII was imprisoned along with Talin Warhaft in the Deadlands by Jagar Tharn. Tharn planned for months to capture the throne, and he was able to achieve so in the span of ten years. Tharn had a powerful weapon called the Staff of Chaos, and he split it into nine pieces and scattered them across Tamriel, the staff was the only thing keeping Uriel Septim and Warhaft in Oblivion. A warrior escaped his clutches and traveled all corners of Tamriel to retrieve the missing pieces. The hero was known as the Eternal Champion, and he assembled the staff and defeated Jagar Tharn at the Imperial Palace. The Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city of Haven in their quest to recover the pieces. The city of Haven was under the rule of King Silrim.[9]


  • In an earlier development stage, Arena was going to be a tournament-based game, where each city had their own gladiatorial team. Haven's team was known as the Red Spears.[UL 2]



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