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Health represents the total amount of damage an entity can take before dying. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind suggests that health also affects the ability to resist disease, but this is untrue for other titles.

Referred to as Hit Points (HP) in most games, it is vitally important for the player to keep track of his or her health score. Should the health pool reach zero or below, the entity is dead. Essential Characters can be killed, unlike more recent games in the series.

Health increases with each level gained, when certain items are equipped, and if certain spells are currently active. Non-player entities have Health equivalent to their level and items. Health can be restored through magic, consumption of potions and beverages, or by leveling up. Fast traveling and waiting fully restores health.


In Morrowind, starting Health is equal to the sum of Strength and Endurance divided by 2. The birthsign The Lady does not effect starting health. The bonus health gain from leveling up is not retroactive. Therefore, it is most advantageous to build up Endurance early on. However, future changes in Endurance still affects base Health. The primary way to permanently raise Health is to level up and to raise the Endurance score when leveling up.


Health can be restored through magic, consumption of potions and beverages, or by leveling up. Waiting fully restores health. Resting in a bed or on a bench constitutes as waiting, thus producing the same vitalization effects.


Spells that restore health:

Name Duration
Hearth Heal Instant
Regenerate Prolonged

Alchemy ingredientsEdit

Unless the ingredient has one of these health-related effects has its first effect, the ingredient must be first combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with that effect. Conversely, several effects also Damage Health or drain it.

Ingredient Effect
Corkbulb Root Restore Health
Corprus Weepings Restore Health
Emerald Restore Health
Marshmerrow Restore Health
Raw Stalhrim Restore Health
Resin Restore Health
Saltrice Restore Health
Sweetpulp Restore Health
Wickwheat Restore Health

Damaging healthEdit

Health can be damaged by various combat means, from magic spells to sword cuts. Potion ingredients and spells can also reproduce these effects.


Ingredient Effect
Meadow Rye Damage Health
Nirthfly Stalks Damage Health
Noble Sedge Flowers Damage Health
Poison Damage Health
Scrib Cabbage Damage Health
Coda Flower Drain Health
Corprusmeat Drain Health
Ectoplasm Drain Health
Fire Petal Drain Health
Fire Salts Drain Health
Gold Kanet Drain Health
Green Lichen Drain Health
Horn Lily Bulb Drain Health
Roobrush Drain Health
Ruby Drain Health
Scathecraw Drain Health
Scrap Metal Drain Health

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