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Health represents the total amount of damage a character or creature can take before dying or otherwise being defeated in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Should the total health of a character or creature reach zero or lesser, they will be defeated.


The Fugitive begins with 200 points of health, increasing by 10 points each level. Some enchantments can increase maximum health. Some enchantments can reduce max health but provide a bonus to health regeneration.


Health increases with each level gained, when enchanted pieces of armor or jewelry are equipped, and if certain spells or abilities are activated. Health can be restored through magic, consuming potions and food, or by leveling up. Health will regenerate over time in combat the higher the Fugitive's level is.


Spells that restore health:

Spells Duration
Absorb Instant
Blizzard Armor Prolonged

Note: Blizzard Armor does not directly restore health but rather adds points of armor effectively equivalent to increasing health.


Abilities that restore health:

Abilities Duration
Adrenalyn dodge Instant
[?] Prolonged


Ingredients do not have to be first combined with related ingredients via alchemy to make a potion with that effect. The shop owner of an Alchemy Laboratory will simply list what potions the lab is capable of making and ingredients are listed with each potion.



Enchantments that increase maximum health:

Enchatment Activation
[?] Conditional (on strike)
Minor/Moderate/Major Health Passive/Active


This section contains bugs related to Health (Blades). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • When using damage maximum health enchantments when fighting enemies who are not meant to die but rather submit such as arena combatants, they may in fact die like any other enemy. If an opponent was seemingly killed, however, they will still return to fight on later occasions.

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