The health bar displayed in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Health Health-icon.png represents the total amount of damage an entity can take before dying. Referred to as Hit Points (HP) in most games, it is vitally important for players to keep track of their health pool. Should the health pool reach zero or below, the entity is dead. Essential characters cannot be killed, so they become incapacitated when their health reaches zero or below and remain this way until their health regenerates.

Starting health is calculated using the following equation:

Health = ( Endurance x 2 ) + (Any bonuses or birthsigns)

Increasing health score[edit | edit source]

The Lady birthsign raises Endurance, health's governing attribute.

Health increases with each level gained, when certain items are equipped, and if certain spells are currently active. Non-player entities have Health equivalent to their level and items. The primary method for increasing Health stems from increasing the Endurance attribute at level up. Characters born under the Lady birthsign gain additional health points earlier in the game, and can exceed the attribute cap of 100, rendering these characters with the highest levels of hit points. Skills utilizing Endurance include armor skills, such as Heavy Armor and Light Armor; frequently raising these skills allow for the possibility of 5 point increases in hit points, allowing for a greater total health pool earlier.

Apparel enchanted with Fortify Health or Fortify Endurance increases the health reservoir as well. Spells that fortify health and endurance can be purchased from Spell Merchants. Spells containing these effects can be created at an Altar of Spellmaking, so long as access to the Arcane University has been granted and fortify spells unlocked.

Restoration[edit | edit source]


Health can be restored through magic, consumption of potions and beverages, or by leveling up. Fast traveling and waiting fully restores health. Resting in a bed or on a bench constitutes as waiting, thus producing the same vitalization effects. Unique to Oblivion are Blood Fountains. These devices exist on planes of Oblivion and restore health to 100% when activated. Each fountain can only be activated once.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spells that restore health:

Name Duration
Blood of the North Prolonged
Night Mother's Caress Prolonged
Convalescence Prolonged
Greater Convalescence Prolonged
Mara's Gift Instant
Restore Health Instant

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Various alchemical ingredients can restore or fortify health when consumed directly or when potions brewed from them are consumed. Certain ingredients do not innately restore health; conversely, their "Restore Health" properties must be unlocked by increasing the Alchemy level. One of four possible effects are Restore Health or Fortify Health.

Ingredient Effect
Aloe Vera Leaves Restore Health
Mana Bloom Restore Health
Apple Restore Health
Boar Meat Restore Health / Fortify Health
Cairn Bolete Cap Restore Health
Daedra Heart Restore Health
Dragon's Tongue Restore Health
Fly Amanita Cap Restore Health
Green Stain Shelf Cap Restore Health
Ham Restore Health
Human Heart Restore Health
Lady's Mantle Leaves Restore Health
Lavender Sprig Restore Health
Mugwort Seeds Restore Health
Painted Troll Fat Restore Health / Fortify Health
S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread Restore Health
Sweetcake Restore Health
Venison Restore Health
Bloodgrass Fortify Health
Ironwood Nut Fortify Health
Lady's Smock Leaves Fortify Health
Mort Flesh Fortify Health
Mutton Fortify Health
Somnalius Frond Fortify Health
Sweetroll Fortify Health
Unicorn Horn Fortify Health
Wheat Grain Fortify Health
Blisterwort Fortify Health

Damaging health[edit | edit source]

Health can be damaged through a vast array of methods, ranging from magic to melee combat. Effects such as Damage Health and Drain Health alter health indirectly.

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