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Heart of Evil is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The only way to ensure Evermore's security and drive the Reachmen from northern Bangkorai is to defeat their leader, the Hagraven Uela. I have agreed to help the Wyresses in Jackdaw Cove toward this end.

Quick walkthrough[]



The Vestige must then talk to several crows. The first one approached will have the following to say:

"Must be nice to be able to travel between this realm and the physical realm. I'm stuck here. Yes. I'm stuck here."

We're here to help. How do we find the Hagraven? "If she were here, I'd peck her eyes out. No. She's not in the nature realm. But of course, you can't reach her in the physical realm. Maybe one of the other crows knows more."
I'll look for another crow then.

The second crow will say:

"A wolf tried to eat me once, you know. Just because we're in the nature realm, you think we can be friends now? Maybe. Did that Hagraven trap your spirit here as well?"

No, but I am trying to find her. "Oh? If you can access the physical realm, you might have a chance. The door to Uela's lair is in this realm, you see, but you have to break the wards in the physical realm. There's more to it, though. You should ask one of the other crows."
All right. I'll look for another crow then.

The third crow will finish:

"We can dispense with the small talk. I know why you're here. Even in the nature realm, news travels fast among crows. Getting to Uela is impossible though. Even if you break her wards, entering her domain will corrupt your soul."

What if I don't have a soul? "Well, why didn't you just say so? That would work. There is something different about you, isn't there? Uela's lair is in the island tower. Break the wards in the physical realm, but enter the door from here. Don't tell her I told you, though."

When Uela is dead, the crow will remark:

"Freedom. Freedom at last! And Uela dead. Dead!"

Yes, she is. "Sweet relief. No more voices, no more restraint. Bodies and minds together again. The crows of Jackdaw Cove are in your debt."
I'm just glad you're free again. "Yes, free and feasted! The Hagraven was all skin and bones, but what's there is sweet to eat. So thank you for saving us, and thank you for supper!"
I'll leave you to enjoy that then.

When Uela is killed, the crow will also say "You killed her. You freed us. Haha!"



  • Robe of Nature's Fury
  • 146–604 Gold