"The Heartlands and Nibenean Valley are the agricultural breadbaskets of Cyrodiil."
Irroke the Wide[src]

The Heartlands is a roughly crescent-shaped region, the bulk of which is east and northeast of the Imperial City. The City Isle and the Waterfront are cradled by this region and it nearly stretches all the way around them. It butts into the Great Forest near Fort Homestead.

The region is one of the more mild and pastoral in the country. Thick waving meadows grow on gently rolling hills, and a few scattered stands of broad leaf trees can be found clustered around gray stone outcroppings. It has a temperate climate, with frequent rain and thunderstorms.[1]

All of the Cyrodiil's roads (with the exception of the Orange) meet in the Heartlands, joining the Red Ring Road like spokes in a wheel. Clockwise from the north, they are the Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, and Black.

Flora and fauna[edit | edit source]

Although a very green region, alchemical ingredients are surprisingly rare. Look for Foxglove, Monkshood, and the occasional Summer Bolete Cap. Nirnroot can be found in the adjacent Waterfront and along the shores of Lake Rumare. Rumor has it that much of the country's food is grown in the Heartlands; in fact, there is not a single working farm in the entire region.

Wild animals (deer, imps, wolves, and timber wolves) are similar to those in the surrounding woodlands. There are also a limited number of goblins, mountain lions, and trolls.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The village of Pell's Gate can be found just down the road from Old Bridge. Roland Jenseric's Cabin is on the opposite side of the Heartlands, near Cheydinhal. Two taverns can also be found in the region. Roxey Inn lies along northwest Red Ring Road, and the Wawnet Inn is just across the great unnamed bridge that leads away from the Imperial City. The small farming community of Aleswell can be found in the north of the Heartlands along the Red Ring Road.

Ayleid Ruins[edit | edit source]

A pair of waterfalls below Belda, near the Barren Cave.

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