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Heavy Armor is one of the three armor types available in The Elder Scrolls Online, the other two being Medium Armor and Light Armor.


Active abilitiesEdit

  • Unstoppable: Reduces damage taken and become immune to knockbacks and disabling effects for a moderate duration.

Passive abilitiesEdit

  • Resolve: Reduces damage taken per piece of heavy armor equipped. Armor and spell resist are increased by 1/2/3%. (3 ranks)
  • Constitution: Increases health regeneration by 2/4% for per piece of heavy armor equipped. (2 ranks)
  • Juggernaut: Increases power with melee attacks per piece of heavy armor equipped. (3 ranks)
  • Revitalize: Increases the magicka or stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by (12%/15%) . (2 ranks)
  • Rapid Mending: Increases healing received per piece of heavy armor equipped by 0.5/1%. (2 ranks)

Skill booksEdit


Crafting heavy armor can be done at a Blacksmithing Station

Types of heavy armorEdit

The following are the heavy armor types in Online, ranked from worst to best.

Unique Heavy ArmorEdit

Unique heavy armors can he obtained from defeating bosses, or from completing quests. The following are unique armors: 


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