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Hegathe is a city-state in the province of Hammerfell. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


It is said that Hegathe was the name given to the province of Hammerfell by the Aldmer,[1] and lives on as the name of the original Redguard capital,[1] which was moved during the Interregnum to the city of Sentinel,[2] which was by that time accounting for one third of the trade in the Iliac Bay.[2]

One of the earliest mentions of the Dark Brotherhood, an offshoot of the Morag Tong, relates to this city, as Queen Arlimahera of Hegathe employed this group of assassins to help rid her of her enemies.[3] The book also appears in the 2920 book series.[4]

First Era

During the late First Era, a conservatorium existed here worshipping the Yokuda fertility goddess, Morwha.[5]

Fourth Era

During the Fourth Era, Hegathe was involved in the Great War against the Third Aldmeri Dominion. In 4E 172, when the Thalmor were consolidating their gains in Hammerfell, "only Hegathe still held out against them."[6]



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