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Heimlyn Keep is a fort in Stonefalls. It is a Telvanni outpost in Zabamat. Covenant forces have attacked, mistakenly thinking that the fort was under Pact control (House Telvanni is neutral in the war). The attack released an ancient Chimeri curse from the reliquary.


The Curse of Heimlyn KeepEdit

Heimlyn Keep is under a terrible curse. A group of Covenant soldiers attacked, thinking they were assaulting a military target. Instead, they loosed an ancient magic hidden beneath in the vaults.

What Was Done Must Be UndoneEdit

I've helped the survivors at Heimlyn Keep. Now I need to end the curse. Its mystical corruption emanates from a Telvanni reliquary.


Notable itemsEdit



(Enemies are hostile until Mendicant Sulinor is defeated)



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