"I would think its purpose is is pretty clear, but it's the finer details that are of interest, eh? A smugglers' cove of some convenience, a little too well known for anyone to stick around for long. Expect the current tenants to be quite vigilant."

Heist: The Hideaway is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild.


I was tipped off about treasures stashed in The Hideaway. I don't have much time to secure the goods before they're moved, so I should act quickly on this lead.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Far'ren-dar
  2. Enter Tunnels to Begin Heist
  3. Find the Treasure
    • Find Hidden Caches: 0/3
    • Optional: Complete the Heist Before Time Runs Out
  4. Get Back to Far'ren-dar
  5. Talk to Far'ren-dar
  6. Collect Reward from Far'ren-dar


The quest is initiated from the heist board, which in this specific heist reads the bare details of the mission:

"Sniffed out another bunch of squatters making use of The Hideaway. Looks like they're holding product too. We should move on it immediately, but try to keep a low profile and we might leech off them for a while before they catch wise."

After receiving this quest, one should speak with Far'ren-dar for immediate transportation to The Hideaway, where they, within the allotted time limit of eight minutes, shall collect the treasure at the north end of the location and three hidden caches scattered around in hidden tunnels. Players should be wary of traps, as they are numerous, and even more so of the patrollers, as if they are discovered, their allotted time is reduced by a minute for each enemy that discovers them.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon
  • Satchel of Laundered Goods
  • Unidentified Equipment


Journal Entry
I need to get to the target location without drawing attention to myself. I should speak with Fa'ren-dar.
  • Objective: Talk to Far'ren-dar
When I'm ready, I should head down the tunnels to start the heist.
  • Objective: Enter Tunnels to Begin Heist
I need to find valuables being stashed in the Hideaway, but it'd be best if I don't attract any undue attention and let the owners know the guild is on to them.
  • Objective: Find the Treasure
  • Objective: Find Hidden Caches: 0/3
Optional: Complete the Heist Before Time Runs Out
I have the loot. Now I need to get the haul to Fa'ren-dar.
  • Objective: Get Back to Far'ren-dar
If not completed within time limit:
I have the treasures, but I was seen stealing them. Fa'ren-dar is waiting to lead me back to the Thieves Den from here.
  • Objective: Talk to Far'ren-dar
If completed within time limit:
Far'ren-dar is waiting to lead me back to the Thieves Den from here. We should get going while the going is good.
  • Objective: Talk to Far'ren-dar
I turned over the goods to Fa'ren-dar. He'll be waiting with my share at the Thieves Den.
  • Objective: Collect Reward from Far'ren-dar
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