Not to be confused with Death Hound.
"These canines are actually from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They attack with their powerful jaws, or with a fire breath that burns their intended victims."
―Official Arena Game Guide.[UL 2]

Hell Hounds are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Hell Hound
Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 60
Intelligence 40
Willpower 60
Agility 75
Speed 60
Endurance 70
Personality 40
Luck 50

Hell Hounds are demonic dogs summoned by powerful beings, such as high level Mages, to perform a service, like guarding dungeons or attacking foes. They originate from the netherworld.

These creatures have the appearance of a black dog with glowing red eyes. Hell Hounds are hazardous monsters who can cause massive damage with their long range Fireball or with their jaws at close combat.

Hell Hounds are between ghouls and ghosts in terms of strength. Such dangerous creature can only be defeated by a well prepared or a high level opponent. The effect Resist Fire will be greatly useful when fighting Hell Hounds, it comes in form of potion and spell.

During the quest "Fang Lair," Hell Hounds make their first appearance as sub-bosses on the last room.


  • Due to their description, Hell Hounds may be Daedric in origin.
  • Hell Hounds can disintegrate themselves shooting their Fireball on close objects.


Length: 0.5sec
Description: Hell Hound Sound




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