Helseth's Champion is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "An Assassination Attempt." With the Queen Mother safe from Assassination, the Nerevarine may now offer to prove their worth to the King of Morrowind.



Now that the threat of assassination has passed, the Nerevarine may now offer the King their full service. King Helseth will decide that, in order to do this, the Nerevarine must defeat his champion, Karrod, in a duel. Once the Nerevarine has accepted the duel, they are told to wait until the following day to carry it out.

Improving the OddsEdit

With twenty four hours to spare, The Nerevarine may rest, buy healing potions and repair their equipment.

(Optional) It is possible to visit The Winged Guar in Godsreach, there, the Nerevarine may speak to the barman about hiring one of his girls to tire Karrod out. Doing so will affect Karrod's fighting ability significantly, and remove his health regeneration ability.

A Choice of ChampionsEdit

Once again in the Throne Room, the Nerevarine must now duel Helseth's Champion. The duel may go on for a long time, until Karrod's health reaches ten percent, at which point Helseth will stop the duel. He will congratulate the Nerevarine for their victory and reward them with the Dagger of Symmachus.


Helseth's Champion – TR_Champion
ID Journal Entry
10King Hlaalu Helseth would like me to fight his champion, Karrod.
  • Quest accepted
20I am to return to the throne room tomorrow and face the mighty Redguard, Karrod, in personal combat. If I can defeat him, Helseth will take me into his confidence.
30Barenziah has mentioned that Karrod can often be found drinking in the Winged Guar.
40I have spoken with Ra'Tesh, the bartender at the Winged Guar. He has great admiration for Karrod, and does not wish to see him get hurt. He will help me defeat Karrod, if I promise not to mar the warrior's fine features.
50I have agreed not to hurt Karrod too badly in our fight. In exchange, Ra'Tesh will have one of his barmaids keep the Redguard occupied all night, and leave him unrested when it is time for our battle.
60I have told Ra'Tesh I cannot guarantee Karrod's safety in our duel.
70I have come to the throne room to face Karrod. Helseth tells me that it is to be a fair fight, and none are to interfere. I may use any spells or weapons at my disposal.
80I have defeated Karrod, and the duel has been stopped by King Helseth. He has given me the ceremonial blade of his father, the Dagger of Symmachus, as a token of his esteem.
100Now that I have gained the king's confidence, he would like me to gather what information I can about the Lady Almalexia. Helseth suspects the attack on Mournhold may have been orchestrated by one of the Tribunal. I should report to him only when I have learned all that I can. The King was explicit that, in order to keep Almalexia from suspecting we are working together, I should not be seen with him until this matter is resolved.
110I have returned to King Helseth and reported the details of my encounter with Almalexia in the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil. The King did not seem displeased that the gods are dead, though he realizes it may take some time for the people of Morrowind to accept what has happened. Helseth believes that a new era has come to Morrowind, and that the Dunmer will thrive under his guidance. King Helseth has rewarded me with a full set of the armor of his Royal Guards.
  • Quest complete


  • Karrod may be killed before or during the quest.
    • Killing Karrod during the duel may result in the Royal Guard being called to arrest the Nerevarine.
    • If the Nerevarine inflicts a killing blow to Karrod before Helseth stops the duel, Karrod may be resurrected.
      • However, if Karrod is hit with a long lasting spell, he will continue to take damage after the duel has been stopped.
    • If Karrod is killed before the duel, the Nerevarine will be able to obtain the Odd Dwemer Weapon from his body.
      • Approaching Helseth after the death of Karrod will result in the King calling the Royal Guard.
  • King Helseth may be killed after or during this quest.


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  • The crowd in the Throne Room may stop moving away from the duel area, preventing the duel from beginning.
    • The people should continue to move after some time.
  • If the Nerevarine waits within the Throne Room for the twenty four hours, Helseth will not start the duel.
    • Leave the Throne Room and re-enter.

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